Y.E.S. Origins

The Young Entrepreneurs Symposium (or Y.E.S.) is the brainchild of Digby Leigh. Through Digby's professional background as a business law lawyer he has helped countless young entrepreneurs with their business pursuits. His passion for helping young people in business led him to the idea of creating a platform where a collective of driven, like-minded, successful young business owners could come together for a half day symposium where they could glean insights from highly experienced speakers who are business owners and thought leaders in their respective fields. Digby's hope is that every attendee walks away from the event with practical/streetwise ideas that they can immediately incorporate into their businesses. 

Y.E.S. Organizing Committee

Digby R. Leigh Sr., Principal - Digby Leigh & Company

Digby C. Leigh Jr., Director of Business Development - Digby Leigh & Company

Scott Leigh, Associate - Digby Leigh & Company

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